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The Friends of the Museum, presided over by Otília Medina, are a cultural non profitable association, with specific by-laws and the following goals:

  • To participate in the Museum’s promotion or enrichment, always in a close cooperation with the directing board;
  • Act as a liaison agent between the Museum and its visiting public;
  • Maintain a close relationship and interchange experiences with similar national or foreign institutions specially those enrolled in World Federation of Friends of Museums;
  • To promote cultural enrichment of their members by means of conferences, visits and voyages either in Portugal or abroad. The Group is also promotes charity events besides granting awards.

The association is headquartered at the Museum
Avenida Brasília, Doca de Alcântara (Norte), 1350-362 Lisboa.

For further information :
E-mail: grupo_amigos_museu_oriente@hotmail.com